10 Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs

10 Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs It has always been hard to get good quality Treats and Toys for our Furbabies at Christmas but this year Fetch is doing it different! Making sure every dog in Ireland has a big selection of Christmas Gifts to choose from that won’t upset their tummies or skin. The […]

Supporting your Dog’s Bones and Joints

We came across this blog by Proflax on their Bone and Joint product and we thought we would share it with you. We have also included our advice for bedding and nutritional needs for dogs that suffer with arthritic conditions. Bone & Joint Problems in Dogs – Blog by Proflax Bone, joint and cartilage problems […]

Standard Puppy food or Large Breed Puppy food which is the right one for your furbaby?

Are you wondering whether your Puppy should be on standard kibble or large breed kibble? It’s not just based on what size kibble they would like or prefer. It is very important which one you choose as each kibble promotes different nutritional benefits for the growth rates your Puppy is growing at. Nourish Rite is available […]

Environmentally Friendly Temperature Controlled Boxes ….. bye bye polystyrene!

Bye bye polystyrene boxes…. Hello environmentally friendly, reusable and recyclable temperature controlled boxes! We are delighted to announce we will only be using environmentally friendly packaging going forward for shipment of raw orders. These boxes have many benefits including : Environmentally friendly Reusable Minimizes damages Returnable When you are placing an order of raw dog […]

The Life Changing Benefits of Turmeric for Dogs

The Life Changing Benefits of Turmeric for Dogs It’s long been known that Turmeric is a fantastic natural supplement for humans but it is also has many benefits for Dogs and through various experiences we have seen major transformations with the use of it in different breeds Reduction and Prevention of Chronic Inflammation Inflammation can […]