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Darf raw

Excellent food. My dogs love it. Mhst get more.

I had ordered it as it was available online but I got an email as my order was being dispatched to say it wasn't available. If I had been given a call I would have chosen another red meat alternative but I wasn't unfortunately. However my dog does love this venison.

Raw Necessity Tripe

My dog loves it! The smell is bearable and it is great quality. I used it to transition to raw and found it super.

Vension Complete

My two Bernese Mountain Dogs love it!! Never an ounce of food left in the bowl when dished up to them. Would recommend giving it a try if you haven't already.

5 stars!

Our dogs are going crazy for this! They love fish so much and in combo with veggies it makes it even more nutritious!


Paleo Ridge never fails! Such a great food,dogs coat is shinnier than ever!


Superb quality!


Quality is great,but to add some bones inside would make it 5/5


Amazing brand! Quality is unreal,dogs go crazy for this!


Just amazing! The way how meat is chopped made our dogs love the raw!


Our dogs love this combo so much! Raw Necessity never fails!


Our dogs love it!


One of the best brands on the market!

5/5 stars.

Excellent quality,dogs thrive.


Very good,does what it says and amazing that you get your money back as a voucher to use for future purchase!


Our dogs love the taste.
Fresh,high-quality ingredients are impressive! 5/5

5 stars!

Lamb raw dog is excellent!
Our dogs love it,and their coat and health overall has improved noticeably


Quality is superb!
It's fresh,nicely chopped and our dogs love it.
Highly recommend!

The product is great but by the time I receive it the product has been tossed over a gate so lots of burst tins. I’ve asked so many times for package to be left at gate I’m very pissed off at this stage.

Good mix

I add this to my dogs cooked food to mix it up and also use as training treats. Dog seems to like it

Very pleased

So far I’m very pleased with the algae oil. At first I was surprised by the size of the bottle but my 34 kg Labrador just needs 4 drops so it will last a good while. Will definitely buy it again and I would recommend to anyone who wants a good omega 3 for their dog

Atlas & Tail Salmon Oil

the best oil! my dogs really love it! we put it in their food every day and they are grateful :)

Raw Necessity No Chicken Mixed Boxes

Happy Dogs

Both our dogs have chicken allergies, most other brands contain some element of chicken regardless of the flavour.
Good quality, good value and thriving dogs.

High quality and tasty feed for my dogs