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About Us

Have you the tea poured?

Make yourself comfortable, you’re in for a journey through the life of Fetch Your Pet Needs.

The early years

Hi all, my name is Nikita and I started Fetch Your Pet Needs in 2016.

At the time I was working in the pet industry and had been doing some research into kibble for dogs, particularly the benefits of grain free dog food and what was currently available in the pet shops we’re all familiar with. Once I started, I was hooked.

It became clear that there was so much more to pet nutrition, that I was missing and that was missing in the industry. From that moment on – my focus was to educate myself and others and provide high-quality options for pet owners. My mam came on board straight-away and we worked hard to build an online offering of grain free food and pet related products nationwide.

Our mission is to supply you and your dog with the highest quality products


Owner & Director

Loyalty Passion Friendly Quality Sustainability

What happened next?

Our online footprint grew – my dad came onboard and now we really were a family run business. All your orders from processing to packing and to delivery is done by the family and our small extended team, who feel like family. We put care and attention to detail into all your orders simply because we love what we do and believe that your pet will love it too    

In my research on canine nutrition, I came across the BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food). The importance of a diet that is as close to the evolutionary diet of carnivores made complete sense to me. I was fascinated with the approach and worked with Irish raw suppliers and industry experts to grow my knowledge and understanding in the area. We are now one of the largest pet shops in Ireland offering a wide variety of raw options and advice on same.

After many years in the industry, working with Cara Rescue and tending to our own dogs – I’ve learnt a lot about various issues, ailments and conditions that can be linked to a dog’s diet. I began consulting in 2020 and since then I have changed many dogs and pet parents lives to date.

Where to now?

We continue to grow and stick to our core values of providing high quality options from food to toys and supplements to leads and all that’s left in between.

In 2021 we opened our new retail and warehousing unit on O'Moore Street, Mountmellick. The unit had been vacant for 10+ years so it took a considerable amount of work to modernize it but it all worked out perfectly. It has been a pleasure to rejuvenate our local town by reopening this commercial unit and creating employment locally. Our team has grown over the years into an extended family.

We wouldn’t be here without you and we want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for choosing Fetch and for your support throughout the years. We look forward to serving you for many more years to come.

Hopefully your tea hasn’t gone cold!

Our pleasure as always,

Nikita and the team at Fetch Your Pet Needs