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Choosing the Best Natural Dry Dog Food for your Dog | Which Natural Dog Food is Best?

Andy Lynch |

No matter whether you’re a first-time dog owner, taking on a new breed or you’re looking to switch up your dog’s diet, dry dog food ensures your dog is reaping all the best health benefits without compromising on taste. Natural dry dog food goes that one step further; it contains only natural ingredients, such as plants and animal meat, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, making it a popular choice amongst dog owners. But is it the best choice for your dog?

In our comprehensive guide below, we will explore exactly what you should be looking for in natural dry dog food, as well as the key factors to consider, and the various benefits for your dog. We will also discuss the brands to look out for, and how you can find exactly what you need on our online store.

What Should I be Looking for in Natural Dry Dog Food?

Providing your dog with natural dog food ensures they are getting the nutrients they need to live a healthy life. The various benefits of natural dry dog food can provide your dog with a balanced diet, and can even help with certain health issues. When choosing natural dry dog food for your dog, there are several elements that the food should include, such as:

  • Meat: unsurprisingly, meat is one of the core ingredients you should look for when choosing natural dry dog food. It is a key source of protein, helping build your dog’s muscles to keep them healthy and strong. Make sure that the food you choose clearly states which meat is used; it should be the first ingredient listed, which means it is the highest. Canagan dental free run turkey dog food is a great choice, with over 50% turkey and 40% vegetable and botanicals for a well-rounded diet.
  • Vegetables: as well as meat, dogs can benefit from vegetables in their diet to ensure they are getting enough vitamins and minerals in their system. Carrots, peas and broccoli are examples of vegetables that are healthy for your dog, but there are also some toxic options too. Choosing natural dry dog food with vegetables included eliminates the worry of feeding your dog vegetables that are bad for them.
  • Grain Free: as well as having no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, some natural dry dog food comes completely grain free. Although grains aren’t bad for all dogs, some breeds have an intolerance, making grain free natural dog food the healthiest choice.Nourish Rite grain free dog food is a popular choice, with a wide variety of flavours such as lamb. Their food is also divided into puppy, small breed and adult too, making your choices easier.
A Beagle dog laying next to a bowl of dry dog food staring up into the camera

What are the Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Natural Dry Dog Food?

To make sure your dog is getting the most out of their new natural dry diet, there are factors you should consider before purchasing:

  • Meat content: as mentioned, dogs need a good amount of meat in their diets to get their protein fill. Anything less than 50% meat content may not be enough, whereas an excessive meat content could mean your dog isn’t getting a balanced diet. Meat also makes sure the dish is tasty for your dog, because no one likes a tasteless dish, especially your furry friends.
  • Avoid food with little nutritional value: although ingredients such as soy and grain can be good for your dog in moderation, any dry dog food that has an excessive amount of these ingredients will provide little nutrition. We recommend grain free dry dog food options such as Nourish Rite, which is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
  • Choose food packed with nutrients: like humans, dogs need a balanced diet to stay healthy. When choosing natural dry dog food, look for evidence of a balanced diet on the packaging. Proteins and carbohydrates must be balanced correctly; look for carbohydrates such as sweet potato and rice, always ensuring there’s a higher meat content

Looking for the best dog food for your dog? Browse our full collection of dry dog food here.

What are the Health Benefits of Natural Dry Dog Food?

There are plenty of benefits to moving to a natural dry dog food diet, such as:

  • Shinier coat
  • More energy
  • Natural weight control
  • Improved skin
  • Better digestion and immune system boost

Of course, every dog is different, so you may notice your dog’s health improving in one way more than another. The only way to test it is to try natural dry dog food today.

A Golden retreiver laying down looking at the camera eating from a bowl

What Brands of Natural Dry Dog Food Can I Choose From?

Choosing a good natural dry dog food brand is incredibly important for your dog to provide them with a consistent diet. For a premium option, Sana provide air dried dog food in a range of flavours, such as lamb, beef and even horsemeat. Sana is suitable to be fed alongside a raw food diet, and is grain free to promote a healthier lifestyle for your dog.

Nourish Rite is a popular natural dry dog food option, available in different flavours with a healthy mix of protein and carbohydrates to give your dog a well-rounded diet. Available for puppies, small breeds and adults alike, Nourish Rite provides a natural Omega 3 supplement, with no artificial colours or preservatives.

For dog food that has the added benefit of dental care, Canagan grain free natural dry food reduces plaque and freshens breath. It also has added glucosamine and chondroitin for bone and joint support.

Choosing Natural Dog Food with Fetch

At Fetch, we have a wide range of natural dry dog food perfect for your dog, no matter their age, size or breed. Whether you’re a new dog owner or wanting to change your dog’s diet, natural dry dog food possesses many health benefits that keep your dog healthier for longer. If you’re still undecided, we can provide a wellbeing consultation courtesy of our experienced canine nutrition specialist to help you find the best diet for your dog.

For more information, from puppy food to adult dog food, contact our dog food experts today.