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Choosing the Best Dry Dog Food for a Light, Low Carb Diet

Andy Lynch |

If you notice your dog needs to be put on a diet, or your vet has informed you that your pet is a little overweight, it can be tricky to know exactly which steps you should take to ensure they’re as healthy as possible. It may seem like the better option to feed your dog fewer meals or serve them smaller portions, but this isn’t always the best-case scenario when providing them with a balanced diet. Light dry dog food with less carbohydrates could be just what they need to get back in shape.

In our comprehensive feeding guide, we will explore light dry dog food and its various benefits, as well as when your dog would need a lighter diet and the best choices out there for a tasty yet beneficial meal plan for your dog, no matter whether it is a small or large breed.

What is Light Dry Food for Dogs?

Light dry dog is food is perfect for dogs with certain health conditions and those in need of some weight management. As humans, we all know that foods that are healthy for us don’t always taste as good as those that aren’t as good for us. Luckily, dogs don’t have that worry, as there are plenty of healthy options for your dog that are still tasty.

Light dry dog food diets are lower in fat and carbohydrates; for instance, DARF cold pressed light dog food contains just 7.1% of fat, and is packed full of nutrients perfect for dogs who need to lose weight or those that have conditions such as pancreatitis.

There are plenty of low carb dry dog food options that are incredibly palatable, making them perfect for fussy eaters as well as those that may be a little overweight.

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Why Would my Dog Need Light Dry Dog Food?

There are various different reasons why someone may need to move their dog to a low carb diet, including:

  • Weight management: if your dog is on the heavier side for their size and breed, it might be time to put them on a diet for more weight control. Moving them to lighter dry food rather than cutting down their meals or portion size can still provide them with structured feeding times and nutrients without compromising on their weight.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight: if you don’t want your dog to lose or gain weight, but maintain the weight they’re at, a low carb diet could be just what they need
  • Health conditions: conditions such as pancreatitis and diabetes can be controlled and even prevented by switching to a low carb dry dog food diet.
  • Lifestyle changes: if your dog is not as active as they used to be, or they’ve never been one for walking or running long distances, lighter dog food is perfect in ensuring they don’t develop weight gain through a lack of exercise. However, you should still ensure you take your dog on walks for their health.

What is the Best Dry Dog Food for a Light Diet?

The best light dry dog food your dog usually contains less fat and carbohydrates than other dog foods. When choosing the best dry dog food brand, you should inspect the packaging to ensure it is the best choice for you and your dog’s specific needs, if they have any.

Nourish Rite provide lighter dog food for dogs both large and small breeds that need to go on a diet. Their light and senior dog food collection comes in turkey and trout flavours, with ingredients that aid digestion. 16% sweet potato is added to keep carbohydrates to a minimum (24% in the trout option), with other addition such as peas, omega 3 and beat pulp for a perfectly balanced diet.

Nourish Rite also provide a “super premium” lighter option, ideal for weight management, especially in senior dogs. It contains 15% less fat than regular adult recipes, and is designed to maintain a healthy immune system. Its fish and rice flavouring also make it incredibly palatable, perfect if your dog is a little fussy.

You can view our full collection of light dry dog food here.

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What are the Pros and Cons of a Low Carb Dog Food Diet?

There are many benefits to a low carb diet, including successful weight management as the biggest pro. It is the go-to choice for a healthy diet for chunkier dogs, and can also reduce inflammation, highlighting low carb dog food’s health benefits. Also, if your dog has skin allergies or a sensitive stomach, lighter dog food might be easier and more comfortable for them to eat. It is also available in a range of flavours, so you won’t have to worry about your dog having a stale diet.

There aren’t many downsides or risks to a low carb diet, unless your dog is already thin and very active, meaning they are already burning their excess calories.

Light Dry Dog Food at Fetch

We have various lighter dry dog food options available on our online store, including options from DARF Cold Pressed and Nourish Rite, both of which are packed with natural ingredients. We understand the concerns that pet owners can have about their furry friend, especially if they are gaining weight. We provide a range of choices from trusted brands to provide your dog with the best food that suits their diet, ranging from puppy food to sizable portions for an adult dog.

You can find out more about our light dry dog food options for overweight dogs on our website.