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Dry Dog Food: Choosing a Cold Pressed Dog Food Diet

Andy Lynch |

Whether you’re a new dog owner, changing your dog's diet, or need a new food supply to accommodate your dog’s heath issues, it can be hard to figure out which food type is best. Cold pressed dog food is a healthy, natural alternative to regular dry dog food, available in a wide variety of flavours to suit your dog. But is it the best choice for your dog’s diet?

In our guide below, we will discuss exactly what cold pressed dog food is, whether or not it is good for your dog, and how you can tell the difference between a cold pressed meal option and raw dog food. We will also highlight any feeding guidance you need to know, and why you should choose DARF cold pressed dog food in our online store.

What is Cold Pressed Dog Food?

Cold pressed dog food isn’t well known to most dog owners; in fact, most opt for wet, dry extruded or raw food when finding a balanced diet for their dog. Cold pressed dog food is exactly what it says on the tin; it is a type of dry food with ingredients that are pressed at a low temperature to pack in all the essential nutrients your dog needs. “Cold pressed,” therefore, refers to the process of which the food is made rather than the food itself.

Cold pressed dog food often comes in pellet form, making it easier for your dog to eat and digest; pellet form dog food is also a sign that minimal processing has taken place. Often, cold pressed dry food is offered as an alternative to raw food, but can be provided alongside a raw dog food diet. You can also mix cold pressed dog food with water to make a wet food suitable for dogs with dental or digestion issues.

You can browse our full collection of cold pressed dog food here.

An example of DARF cold pressed dog food

Is Cold Pressed Dog Food Good for Dogs?

Cold pressed dog food is a great option for all kinds of dogs, large or small. It is minimally processed at a low temperature, ensuring all the essential nutrients, vitamins and oils do not escape. The cold-pressing process also reduces the amount of bacteria in the food, making a great option for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

It is also a convenient option for all households and lifestyles; there’s no special way to store cold pressed dog food, as you can simply put it away in your cupboards or pantry at room temperature in an airtight container. Cold pressed dog food has been known to provide dogs with a shiny, healthy coat too, due to the essential oils provided, leading to less skin irritation.

At Fetch, we stock the popular DARF cold pressed dog food range in flavours such as salmon, turkey and lamb. We even have specialist cold pressed dry dog food for lighter diets and puppies, helping you choose the best option for your dog.

What is the Difference Between Cold Pressed Dog Food and Raw Dog Food?

The key difference between cold pressed dog food and raw dog food is how they’re made and processed. Raw dog food mimics a dog’s ancestral diet, and isn’t cooked or processed. Cold pressed dog food, on the other hand, contains meat and other natural ingredients in a more compressed form. It is presented in a pellet shape to show signs of minimal processing.

Raw dog food is often seen as the most preferred option, as there are no compressing procedures involved, so dogs are getting all the desired nutrients. However, cold pressed dog food such as DARF is compressed at a low temperature, so you don’t have to worry about vital nutrients being lost. Raw dog food can also be a more expensive option, can cause unpleasant smells in your fridge, and you need to remember to defrost it daily. Cold-pressed dog food, on the other hand, can be stored away in the cupboard for weeks.

Raw dog food and cold pressed dog food both have their benefits, which is why many dog owners prefer to offer both options to their pet. You can browse our collection of raw dog food and related products here.

A white dog bending over and eating from a bowl on the floow

Is There Any Feeding Guidance for Cold Pressed Dog Food?

When fed correctly and in decent sized portions, cold pressed dog food can be a great choice for your pet. At Fetch, we recommend the following guidelines:

  • < 5 kilos approx. 60g per day = 1.2% of body weight
  • < 20 kilos approx. 220g per day = 1.1% of body weight
  • < 40 kilos approx. 400g per day = 1% of body weight

We also offer a wellbeing consultation to advise on the best nutrition plan for your dog and their needs. If your dog has a particular health issue, we aim to address the cause of your dog’s issue and provide the best plans and supplements for their specific needs.

DARF Cold Pressed Dog Food at Fetch

At Fetch, we provide DARF cold pressed dry dog food perfect for dogs of all breeds and sizes. One of our best-selling collections, DARF provide cold-pressed dog food in a variety of flavours, all packed with nutrients and ingredients such as meat, carrot and apple. All food is rich in prebiotic fibre and omega fatty acids, ideal to be fed alone or alongside raw dog food. Cold pressed dog food is also a great option if you are wanting to move your dog from a raw diet, but aren’t sure where to start.

To make your educated choice on the best cold pressed dog food for a healthy dog, you can visit us here.

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