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Probiotics and Prebiotics for Dogs

Probiotics and Prebiotics for Dogs Bernese Mountain Dog

Nikita O'Rourke |

What are Probiotics for Dogs?

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms or “good bacteria” that help to prevent bad bacteria from over populating within your dogs gut. Probiotics can improve your dogs health. Reducing stomach upset, allergy responses, infections and possibly reduce the risk of developing cancer.

In 2013, researches from UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center discovered that specific types of bad bacteria that live in the gut are major contributors to lymphoma, a cancer of the white bloods cells. Intestinal bacteria have previously been linked to certain types of epithelial cancers, such as those effecting the coverings of the stomach, liver and colon. The researches also discovered that certain types of good bacteria have a protective affect against genotoxicity (gene damage) that causes lymphoma. (Mason, 2013)

Canine Nutrigenomics W. Jean Dodds, DVM & Diana R.Laverdure

What are Prebiotics for Dogs?

Prebiotics feed probiotics. It is crucial to use both to create what is called synbiotics. Probiotics cannot thrive without being fed by prebiotics. Prebiotics are soluble fiber that aids digestion to improve nutrient absorption in the body and prevent diarrhea in dogs.

How do I know if my dog needs synbiotics?

Dogs that suffer with diarrhea or chronic upset stomach, will benefit from the use of pro and pre biotics. Probiotics are also good for skin conditions. It is worth noting that probiotics alone will not cure a skin condition. It is crucial to review your dogs diet. Probiotics and prebiotics for dogs alongside the correct diet will help towards chronic skin conditions. If you are unsure whether your dog needs probiotics, reach out to us or speak to your Vet for advice.

What is the best probiotic and prebiotic for dogs?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome , Diarrhea , Chronic Stomach Upset in Dogs

Holistic Hound Tummies has been our go to for 100’s of clients over the past few years. A blend of herbs that aids digestion, reduces stomach upset, acid reflux and loose stools.

Skin Conditions, Detoxifying and Supporting the Ageing Process

Four Leaf Rover Protect – Soil based veterinary formulated and ideal for daily use. Aids towards stomach upset and detoxifying the body of toxins. Boosts the immune system to fight infections.

Kefir Grains for Dogs displayed

Kefir contains a higher volume of probiotics than yogurt. It is a great addition to your dogs diet whether they are on dry food, wet or raw dog food. We recommend popping over to Kefir Grains Ireland to purchase grains that you can culture yourself.

If your dog has suffered with a long term stomach or skin issue it is advised to also review their diet. Although Probiotics and Prebiotics for Dogs can help towards many conditions, if the diet is the root cause of the symptoms then this too needs to be addressed.

Need to discuss your dogs health and wellbeing in further detail , book a consult today. We can help.

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