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Is Fish Good for Dogs?

Is Fish Good for Dogs

Nikita O'Rourke |

Fish is a common ingredient found in dog food and treats. There are several types of fish that can be used for dog nutrition, but not all types are suitable for our canine companions. In this informative article, we’ll highlight the benefits of fish and share tips and tricks to help you boost dog nutrition.

The benefits of fish

Fish offers an array of benefits. These include:

  1. High protein content

The main advantage of eating fish is adding protein. Fish is an excellent source of protein and it can offer a nutritious alternative to other meat products, including chicken and beef. Incorporating fish into the diet is particularly beneficial if your furry friend suffers from allergies to common foods, such as chicken. Protein is essential for healthy growth and development and it aids tissue repair and restoration.

  1. Essential fatty acids

Many types of fish that are found in food, treats and supplements are rich in essential fatty acids, including omega oils. Omega oils reduce the risk of inflammation, promote good heart health and offer benefits for the coat and skin. Essential fatty acids are also proven to improve joint health and mobility.

  1. Healthy skin

Dogs with skin conditions and symptoms, such as dry, flaky skin and irritation can benefit from a fish-based diet. Dry fish food is fantastic for skin conditions and allergies, as it is grain-free. Fish food products also help to repair damaged skin cells. Studies suggest that up to 20% of dogs will develop an allergy in their lifetime (source).

Allergies in Dogs

How to add fish to your dog’s diet

There are multiple ways to add fish to the diet to enhance nutrition and introduce delicious new flavours. If you’re looking for ideas for your pet pooch, here are some suggestions:

  • Fish oil supplements including salmon oil for dogs, can be added to your dog’s meals to increase omega oil intake and boost health.
  • Dry fish food is recommended for dogs with allergies and pets that are prone to skin conditions.
  • Fishy treats are a brilliant, natural source of protein for dogs. Examples include sea jerky, mackerel morsels and sardine and sweet potato treats.
  • Raw fish is the freshest form of omega oils for dogs. Raw Necessity Fish Complete is produced in Ireland using wild Irish fish.

If your dog has allergies, underlying health problems or skin conditions, it’s important to seek professional advice to find the best food products.

What are the best types of fish for dogs?

The best types of fish for dog nutrition include:

  • Salmon
  • Ocean white fish
  • Herring
  • Arctic char
  • Cod
  • Flounder

Shark and swordfish are not recommended for dogs due to the risk of high mercury levels.

Fish is a tasty addition to your dog’s menu and it also offers a wealth of health benefits. If you’re eager to introduce your pooch to new flavours and boost their health, why not explore our range of delicious foods and treats?

If your dog is susceptible to skin problems, or they have allergies, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or book a consultation. Simply click for more information.