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Benefits of Raw Food for Cats

Benefits of Raw Food for Cats

Nikita O'Rourke |

A cat’s body is designed to eat a whole prey diet. Their digestive tract is equipped for fresh foods and that is why there are many benefits to feeding raw cat food. Processed kibble is more difficult for cats to digest.

When food is cooked it reduces the nutrient value. This leads to cat food manufacturers having to add synthetic nutrients to meet the FEDIAF standards.

When you feed a cat a raw food diet, they receive the nutrients they need in the freshest format. The digestive tract can access the nutrients easily.

Benefits of Raw Food for Cats

  • Easily digested – leading to a better gut microbiome
  • Fewer and smaller stools with less odor
  • Weight management – improved metabolic rate
  • Improved dental hygiene – reducing the risks of peri dental disease
  • Decreased risk of urinary conditions

Raw Cat Food is Easily Digested – Leading to a Heathier Gut Microbiome

Cats are carnivores. ‘Trending’ vegan diets or carbohydrate-rich foods with rice are not what your cat’s body wants or needs. A cat’s digestive tract is short, highly acidic, and able to digest a full meal of raw food within 12 hours. Add in complex carbs in there and the digestive tract will become sluggish.

The importance of the gut microbiome is evident due to studies on both humans and animals. If your cat struggles to digest their food on a daily basis it can lead to an increased risk of systemic illnesses.

Fewer and Smaller Stools With Less Odour

Frequently asked question: how can I reduce the smell from the cat litter tray? FEED RAW!

Yes, the benefits of raw feeding your cat raw go right through to the cat litter tray. As we said above, their bodies can receive and retain nutrients much more efficiently from fresh foods. This leads to less waste, fewer stools in the litter tray, and even a lower odor.

Weight Management

Raw cat food is much more filling and satisfying for cats. When they are fed dry food, it is lacking in nutrients, and it can lead to overeating. We have seen how important protein is for humans for providing that fuller feeling for longer. A nutrient that provides balanced energy This is the same for carnivorous cats.

Raw cat food can lead to a reduction in body fat as your cat becomes fuller from lower calorie-based foods while also feeling the benefits of increased yet stabilized energy levels. This in turn leads to them living a more active lifestyle.

Improved Dental Hygiene

Raw cat food contains finely minced bones that work as an abrasive against the cat’s teeth. It has been referred to as “nature’s toothbrush”. Chicken Necks are a great treat for cleaning. As the cat chews on the neck, it will help to clean the teeth by removing build up.

Decreased Risk of Urinary Conditions

Urinary/Renal disease has been on the rise in cats for many years now. What else has been on the rise? High carbohydrate, overly processed dry foods.

Yes that is right, these types of foods can contribute to the inflammation of the renal system. Dry food contains 10-12% moisture. Where as raw cat food contains 60-70% moisture. Raw cat food is much kinder to those kidneys.

There are many more benefits to feeding your cat a raw diet. The above is just a few of the most crucial. So why wouldn’t you choose to feed your cat a diet that can improve their health? Give it a try today with the help of our team at Fetch.