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Natural Flea & Tick Treatments for Dogs

Natural Flea & Tick Treatments for Dogs

Kate Lambourne |

We’ve all heard about the importance of keeping our dogs protected from parasites. But why is it so important? Fleas and ticks can bring with them a host of nasty side effects that your dog needs to be protected from.

Where do dogs get fleas and ticks?

It’s relatively easy for dogs to pick up these nasty critters, especially when they aren’t protected with a preventative. Dogs can pick up parasites from other animals (other pets or wildlife), outside on walks (particularly in long grass or greenery), facilities like dog parks or kennels.

Many dogs go their whole life without contracting fleas but if they are in an area highly populated by dogs or forestry frequently through the summer months then they are at higher risk of picking up some ‘buddies’ on their walk.

So lets talk about why we don’t recommend chemical type prevents, what we recommend instead and why.

Are flea and tick treatments safe for dogs?

The short answer is, no. Chemical parasite preventions have shown to be dangerous for dogs and cause side effects such as vomiting, lethargy, reduced appetite, itching, rashes, irritated skin, blistering of the skin, agitation.

Long term use of these chemicals treatments has been shown to cause weakened immune system, seizures and long term neurological conditions. These potent ‘treatments’ can kill the healthy bacteria in your dogs gut and we all know that an imbalanced gut bacteria count leads to other conditions such as dermatitis, increased pressure on vital organs, poor nutrient absorption and poor cognitive state.

How can I prevent my dog from getting fleas without harming them with this nasty ‘stuff’?

Firstly, a healthy dog is much less likely to pick up fleas. We have seen this over the years, those that we treat for fleas and tics have generally just come from an unpleasant environment, combined with poor health conditions and a weakened immune system. Boosting your dogs immune system and feeding them a fresh diet can decrease the likely hood of them contracting fleas in the first place. This is why it is so important to avoid chemical-based flea and tick treatments to ensure you keep your pets overall health top-notch.


I heard an interesting story from a vet nurse friend of mine who rescued a now famous Great Dane from a pound. Riddled with demodectic mange and clearly a very, very ill old girl, she took the dog and just stuck her in with her bunch of 7 dogs. She moved the dog on to a fresh meat diet and followed a flea routine that you’re about to read about below. The dog was right as rain in weeks, bounding around, the picture of health and free of mange. More to the point not one other dog in her fresh fed and chemical free pack / group (I prefer pack, sue me!) “succumbed” to mange. I was actually startled with this display of utter confidence in the power of a robust immune system.

Source: Dr.Conor Brady:

How to prevent fleas and tics?

Prevention is always better than cure but the right prevention is crucial.

Holistic Hound Ticked Off – Oral

We love the Holistic Hound Ticked Off Natural Flea Treatment. 1. It’s completely natural 2. No nasty side effects 3. Effective at preventing fleas and ticks 4. It’s Irish.

Holistic Hound Ticked Off Flea Treatment

Tropiclean Flea and Tick Spray – Topical

Not only is the spray really gentle on your dog’s coat and skin but it also smells divine. It is effective at prevention fleas and ticks for 2 weeks, simply spray it on your dog, comb it through and they are protected. It also leaves a fresh smell on their coat.

Tropiclean Flea and Tick Spray for dogs

The Flea, Tick and Worm Care Pack

Why not cover all parasite prevention with the The Natural Flea, Tick and Worm Care Pack? This will prevent all types of nasty parasites from effecting your pet all year round.

Flea and tick and worm treatment for dogs

How to kill fleas and tics?

If your dog has been unfortunate enough to contract fleas or tics then we still recommend the natural approach. A chemical-induced approach will only weaken the immune system further and make them more susceptible to contracting fleas over and over again.

Deneem – Kills fleas, ticks and mites

We love Deneem, it has never failed to kill fleas fast including their eggs. It is our go to when it comes to flea infestations. You can use it on both your pet and in the home.

Deneem Flea Powder for dogs

DeNeem is a completely natural option launched by Dr Conor Brady many years ago, and we know when Conor puts his name to something that it isn’t just good, it’s great! Have a read of some of his fantastic blogs here.

Applying Deneem to your pet, their bedding and other soft furnishings in the house will kill all fleas, their eggs, ticks and mites. Remember though, if there is a tick latched to your dog, you need to safely remove that from their coat. We recommend using the tick remover.

Once you have killed all parasites, make sure to prevent them from reoccurring with some of the products above.

So why choose natural? Choose natural to prevent harming your dog with the use of chemicals!