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Returning Temperature Controlled Boxes

Returning Temperature Controlled Boxes

Nikita O'Rourke |

So you have gathered 6 Temperature controlled boxes from your raw orders and it is time to have them collected and returned to us. What do you have to do?

Please note we will not collect boxes until you have 6 in total. The reason for this is we absorb the cost of the collection by DPD and collecting 2 or 3 boxes every few weeks is not feasible financially.

Firstly flatten each box, you can do this by gently removing the sellotape from the bottom of the box. When all sellotape is remove you can pull two corners of the box away from itself and it will flatten the cardboard down, the inner foil liner will also collapse with the box (please ensure the foil liners are included in each box and kept within the cardboard box, not separate)

When you have your 6 boxes flattened please place all 6 boxes in too a black bag, wrap them with plastic to keep them together or whatever you have but the 6 boxes must be kept together and must be securely wrapped to ensure they travel through the DPD network safely.

If the boxes are placed in too more than 1 parcel there will be a surcharge placed against your refund for the boxes. So please ensure you follow the instructions above as we do not want to have to place excess charges to you. If the boxes travel through the DPD network as separate parcels we will be charged for multiple collections and this again is not cost effective long term. We want to ensure we can continue making a difference to the environment by using these reusable boxes over polystyrene!

When you have your parcel all ready to go please pop the following address on the outside:

Fetch Your Pet Needs, Unit 1 O’Moore Street, Mountmellick, Co.Laois, R32 HN44.

We find it is best to book the collection of boxes for a day that you are receiving a new order. You can pop a note at checkout of your order stating that you have boxes to be collected or you can email us at , call us on 05786-44518. Please give us a minimum of 24 hours notice for collection of the boxes as we have to book the collection in with DPD.

If you have any questions at all , don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and as always we appreciate that you are working with us to make a difference to the environment by choosing to use environmentally friendly packaging!