TropiClean Triple Flex Dog Toothbrush

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Toothbrush for Dogs

3 Sided for Faster Cleaning

Available in 2 Sizes

Cleans All Teeth Surfaces

TropiClean Fresh Breath Triple Flex Dog Toothbrush

3-Sided Brush – 3 Times Faster!

Get your pup’s teeth brushed three times faster with the TropiClean Fresh Breath Triple Flex Toothbrush for Dogs!

Teeth cleaning is an important part of the health of your dog, however, it’s not always their favourite thing.  Thankfully, the innovative design of this three-sided brush means that nasty plaque and tartar can be brushed away even faster, and no area of their teeth will go uncleaned.

  • Extra bristles give a 360-degree teeth cleaning.
  • 3 times faster than other toothbrushes for dogs.
  • Pair it with TropiClean flavoured teeth cleaning Gels.
  • Available in 2 sizes, to suit every dog. 

Directions for Use:

Apple some Toothpaste Gel onto the ToothBrush for dogs. Gently brush teeth in a circular motion and repeat as needed. It’s recommended that you clean your dog’s teeth ideally daily or at least once a week.

Dog Toothbrush Size Guide:

  • Small / Medium Brush for dogs with smaller teeth and mouths.
  • Large for dogs with larger mouths and teeth.

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Small & Medium, Large


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