Raw Necessity – Starter Pack

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Raw Necessity – Starter Pack

Welcome to raw feeding, we promise you will never regret the decision to feed your dog a fresh diet. 

What is in the Raw Necessity Starter Pack?

  • Single Protein Turkey Complete 
  • Single Protein Beef Speciality – Beef with beef heart and trachea

Which size pack should I order?

That really depends on the size of your dog, we recommend opting for the 5kg box for dogs under 20kg, and for dogs over 20kg it would best to choose the 10kg box.

What do I feed first? 

It is best to start with the options that contain bone so for the first 4 days feed Turkey Complete, then feed 2 days of Beef Speciality. From there you can alter each day.

Transitioning to Raw:

So there is no strict exact way to switch to raw, just like humans, every dog is different. We have helped many pet owners change their dog’s diet to raw food and here is what we have learned over the years.

Sensitive Dogs – So if your dog has recurring stomach upset then we recommend transitioning slowly. The best way to do this is to slowly introduce raw food into their diet each day, as you increase the raw quantity, decrease the dry quantity.

No issue Dogs So you have not seen any issues with your dog’s digestive tract, they have stomachs of steel then you can fire ahead and do a straight switch if you like. 95% of our clients have done a straight switch with no issues. 

Switching from dry to raw can be very similar to switching from different brands of dry food. The raw dog food diet is not scary, it is fantastic! 

We are here every step of the way, simply contact us via our Social pages – Facebook or Instagram. Drop us an email and we can answer any questions you may have. 

5kg Box = x3 Turkey Complete and x2 Beef Speciality
10kg Box = x7 Turkey Complete and x3 Beef Speciality


5kg Box, 10kg Box

7 reviews for Raw Necessity – Starter Pack

  1. Olivia Daly (verified owner)

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  2. Walter Herleth (verified owner)

    Dog loves the food

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  3. Gillian N. (verified owner)

    Great starter pack, was gobbled up by Daisy

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  4. Mary Reynolds (verified owner)

    First time dog hasn’t turned up her nose at food !
    Food was a bit thawed on arrival but seems OK.

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  5. Eileen (verified owner)

    Very happy with the advise I received and the quality of the product also

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  6. Justyna (verified owner)

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  7. Ashleigh (verified owner)

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