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Halloween for Dogs

Halloween for Dogs can be a stressful time. Weeks before it, the fireworks and bangers start. We can appreciate them or at least understand them. But to our pets, they are very frightening and unpredictable noises that trigger their fight or flight response. Because of this, October is the month with the highest number of missing pets.

Not only do the fireworks cause stress, but scary costumes and the people knocking on the door can be very confusing for our pets.

Our pet’s responses to Halloween can vary – but we hope to be able to offer you some way to help to ease their stress level – and yours.

  1. Provide them with a safe space, like a crate or carrier.
  2. Offer some mental enrichment as a form of distraction. Try a lick mat or a long-lasting chew.
  3. Try giving them a supplement to help them relax, like CBD Oil or a specific calming supplement, such as Calm Canine from the Holistic Hound.

Check out our range of products below and find more helpful information in our Blog.

Beef Dog Treats

Beef Hooves

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(31) 38.9858.49
(20) 6.34

Canine Enrichment

LickiMat Buddy

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(8) 6.10
(5) 5.42

Cara Rescue Dogs Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Kong Classic Dog Toy

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(12) 21.82
(8) 11.96

Canine Enrichment

LickiMat Wobble

(15) 14.58

Canine Enrichment

LickiMat Buddy Tuff Series

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Canine Enrichment

LickiMat Soother

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(2) 5.81

Calming Products for Dogs

Yucalm Tablets for Dogs

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Canine Enrichment

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

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Calming Products for Dogs

Natural Dog Company Calming Supplement

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Halloween for Pets

Ostrich Bone

(1) 12.92

Dog Bowls & Slow Feeders

SodaPup Mandala Enrichment Tray

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Canine Enrichment

LickiMat Slowmo

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Cat Carriers & Beds

Dog Crate


Halloween for Pets

Small Bite Snuggle Pouch

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Cat Carriers & Beds

Cheeko Easy Up Fabric Kennel

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Halloween for Dogs

Karma Wrap


Halloween for Pets

The Halloween Box for Dogs

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Cat Carriers & Beds

Cheeko Pop Up Dome Pet Carrier


Dog Walking Accessories

Swaggles Halloween Pumpkin Bandana

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Calming Products for Dogs

Proflax Superchew Calming Treats

(1) 20.4431.18
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