Tips for Dogs during Halloween

Halloween can be a fun time for both kids and adults in different ways but for our dogs it can be the scariest time of year. From constant door knocking to darker evenings, strange costumes and the worst of all fireworks. It is an extremely stressful time for dogs.

Many people wait until the week of Halloween to begin giving their dogs calming supplements. Act now. Do not wait. The sooner you begin the more effective it will be. Be aware of your dogs reactions at different times of the day. There are lots of little changes you can do to make Sept/Oct better for them. If you notice they are more anxious in the evenings, stop walking them then and get them out for their daily walk in the mornings.

5 Top Tips for Dogs at Halloween

5 Top Tips for Dogs at Halloween Infographic


First off ensure your garden and home is 100% secure. Garden fences can come loose and unsecure due to the wind. Side gates can be left unlocked and blow in the window. Downstairs windows can be left open.

Although your dog may never have left the garden or tried to escape your home before, when they hear fireworks at Halloween they may bolt. Trying to get as far away as possible. Have you noticed dog rescues such as Cara Rescue Dogs, Dogs Trust, DSPCA etc have multiple posts up for lost and found dogs during firework season. You do not want that to be your dog.

Walking your Dog During Halloween

The evening and night time throughout Septemeber and October is renowned for fireworks and bangers. It is best to avoid walking your dog during these hours. Switch it up and get them out for their walk early in the day. If this is not possible and your dog is anxious then replace their walks with enrichment time. Licki Mats, Snuffle Mats, Stuffable toys and Puzzles for dogs can be a great way to keep them entertained.

Pug playing with K9 Connectable Interactive Dog Toy to reduce anxiety at Halloween
We have a full range of interactive toys that are great boredom breakers

3. Safe Haven

We recommend creating this space sooner rather than later so your pet becomes accustomed to hiding out there comfortably. A dog crate is ideal as you can make it extra comfy with soft bedding and even drape a blanket over the it to create a den like setting.
Check out our blog about the benefits of dog crates and how to get your dog use to them.

4. Calming Supplement for dogs at Halloween

We recommend using calming supplements before Halloween kicks off for maximum effect.

Holistic Hound Calming Spray for Dogs at Halloween
Holistic Hound Calming Spray for Dogs
CBD Oil for Dogs at Halloween
CBD Oil for Dogs – Reduces Anxiety

There are many options available in our Halloween section, if you need help choosing which one would be best for your dog. Contact us and we will be happy to guide you.

5. Doggy Treats

Better make sure that treat jar is full for Halloween night. It isn’t Halloween without some goodies to keep us all happy. Check out the full range of natural treat options available. Long lasting chews are great for increasing a dogs serotonin. If your dog is too anxious to chew, then we recommend giving them a Lick Mat with Peanut Butter or Pate.

We hope this Halloween is easier for you and your Pet. If you have any questions about our tips for dogs at Halloween please reach out to us.

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