Squeezy Buddy – Refillable treat dispenser

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Squeezy Buddy – Refillable treat dispenser

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The Atlas & Tail Squeezy Buddy is the ideal tool for dispensing a treat for your dog. 
Be in control of how much to dispense by squeezing the bottle. The suction effect lid helps prevent leaks and mess. 

Ideal for training purposes such as; 

  • No pull training on a leash 
  • Keeping their attention in busy areas 
  • Teaching basic commands and tricks 

Also ideal for soothing dogs in stressful situations as licking is known to release endorphins and serotonin in turn calming your dog. 

The Squeezy Buddy is;

  • Food safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe 

What product should I put in it? 

The recommended products are from the Organic Jars range. They are a nutrient rich treat or complete food, ideal for the squeezy Buddy and other enrichment toys. Adjust food intake accordingly. Can also be used with Nourish Jars.       




Another option for the crumbly texture is to mix it with bone broth, it will soften the texture, make it easier to work with the Squeezy Buddy and has great additional benefits for your dog. 

The Squeezy Buddy can also be used with other products such as peanut butter and soft cheese. 

Note: Not suitable for use with our pate range, the pates are a firm texture, although mashable, they won’t squeeze through the Squeezy Buddy. 


1 x Squeezy Buddy, 3 x Squeezy Buddy's


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