SodaPup Great Outdoors eBowl Slow Feeder

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Ideal for dogs who eat too quickly or gulp their food.

A fun way of increasing mental enrichment and stimulation.

Improves digestion and reduces gas.

Promotes calm.

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SodaPup Slow Feeder Great Outdoors eBowl

Designed with the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in mind, the new Great Outdoors eBowl Slow feeder from SodaPup is here. The differently sized and shaped chambers in the bowl increases the difficulty, therefore making it more challenging than other slow feeders on the market.

Mix dry and wet food into the different chambers of the bowl to add to the fun. Try putting different foods into different chambers. The chambers are even deep enough to feed raw food without a mess.

Slow feeders come with many benefits:

  • Slows eating
  • Reduces gulping
  • Improves digestion
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Reduces gas
  • Lessens the chance of bloat
  • Promotes calm


Dishwasher safe in the top rack. Alternatively, wash in warm, soapy water. The Sodapup Slow Feeder is also suitable for the microwave and the freezer.


8” wide X 8” tall, 2” thick.  Weight: 11.8 oz.

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