SodaPup Mandala Enrichment Tray

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SodaPup Mandala Enrichment Tray

The enrichment options are endless with the SodaPup Mandala Enrichment Tray.

The Mandala Enrichment Tray promotes slower eating and can be used for wet and dry food, or a combination of both. The Tray combines the benefits of both lick mats and slow feeder bowls in one mediative design. Ideal for all sizes and ages of dogs, the tray has many benefits:

  • Encourages Slow Eating – ideal for dogs who gulp or eat quickly.
  • Improves Digestion and Reduces Gas.
  • Provides Mental Stimulation.
  • Suitable for all types of Food (kibble, wet, raw).
  • Reduces Boredom and Promotes Calm.
  • Ideal for Meals or Snacks.
  • Sections of Varying Depth and Height to Mimic Natural Foraging.
  • Combine foods or separate them into different sections.
  • Suitable for Flat and Short faced breeds dogs due to it’s shallower design.

What to put in the SodaPup Mandala Enrichment Tray?


8” wide X 8” tall, 0.9” thick.  Weight: 8.4 oz

This Mandala Tray is dishwasher safe on the top rack. You can also wash in warm soapy water.  It is also freezer and microwave safe.

The Tray is not a chew toy, so please supervise your pet with it and remove it if it becomes damaged.

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