Savic Puppy Training Pads

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Savic Puppy Training Pads

Puppy Training Pads can be a great aid when it comes to house training your puppy. They can also come in very helpful when your dog has reached their senior years and may be having struggles with incontinence.

These pads contain a pheromone attractant that encourages your puppy to go to the toilet on them. They are super absorbent and absorb liquids in just 30 seconds, helping to make sure there are no leaks on your floor.

  • Medium 45 x 30cm or Large 50 x 45cm.
  • Recommended for small to medium sized dogs.
  • Accelerates house training time.
  • With non-woven fabric, pads stay intact even when saturated thanks to their 6-layer composition and polyethylene backing.
  • Neutralizes any bad smells, better than any other pads on the market.
  • Ideal for puppies in their new homes.
  • Ideal for teaching young litters of puppies that are still with their mother, to move away from their bed to toilet (due to the attractant). This can begin as young as 3 weeks old and helps to build good habits and makes future house training easier.

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Pack Size

15 Pads, 50 Pads, Large – 50 Pads, Small – 15 Pack, Medium – 15 Pads

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