Nature’s Own Meadow Hay

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Nature’s Own Meadow Hay

Nature’s Own Meadow Hay is a complimentary hay made from various hays from various different fields and farms, making it unique in its taste. A completely natural, clean quality hay for your pet.

Small animals need meadow hay for their dental health. Rabbits teeth are constantly growing throughout their life, offering them hay to gnaw will ensure their teeth are peared. 

Meadow hay is the best source of fibre for small animals. 80 – 90% of their daily diet should be hay to ensure they can easily digest their food. 

Did you know that a rabbits teeth can grow to the extent of causing eye conditions for rabbits? 

  • This hay has also been specially designed to be not too short yet not too long, so that your pet will have plenty in a mouth full, but will not get tangled in the hay.
  • No sprays, insecticides, or weed killers are used on any of these crops.
  • Available in 2kg and 3.5kg

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Weight 2.0 kg

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