MicroAlgea for Mature Dogs - Borvo Nutrients

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European Microalgea for Mature Dogs 115g – Borvo Nutrients

European Microalgea for Mature Dogs is a blend of micro-algae, made from a unique combination of Chlorella vulgaris and Nannochloropsis sp.
These micro-algae are grown in Europe, in closed systems, which ensures that they are free from
external contaminants. It is organic, contains no GMOs and are grown and harvested in a completely
sustainable manner.

Due to the specific enzymes found in Nannochloropsis sp. it has the unique capacity to elongate or
desaturate fatty acids which can then produce essential omega-3’s, such as EPA. Chlorella vulgaris
offers a concentrated source of a whole range of nutrients including protein, iron, vitamins and
minerals. This blend of micro-algae is therefore a fully vegan source of essential omega-3 with a
balanced protein, vitamins and mineral base.

Key benefits of European Microalgea for Mature Dogs:

  • Improves and sustains cognitive function
  • Relaxes pet’s temperament and increases physical capacity
  • Helps with maintenance of bones, joints and muscles
  • Maintaining cardiovascular function
  • Promote healthier skin and hair growth

Bioavailable Compounds:
Omega-3 fatty acids including EPA, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polysaccharides, glycoproteins
and anti-oxidants.

European Organic Nannochloropsis sp. and Chlorella vulgaris

Recommended daily dosage:
Small dogs 10kg – 3g / 1 heaped tsp.
Medium dogs 10kg to 20kg – 6g / 2 tsp.
Large dogs 20kg – 10g / 2.5 to 3 tsp.

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