KONG Naturals Catnip Spray

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Concentrated 30ml Catnip Spray

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KONG Naturals Catnip Spray

We all know that cats love Catnip! It can make them feel playful, happy and euphoric, adding entertainment and mental stimulation to their lives. The Kong Natural Catnip Spray is a 30ml concentrated and potent spray, made from the best quality North American Catnip. 

Ideas for using Kong Catnip Spray:

  • On Toys: Spray the catnip onto your cat’s toys. This will encourage them to play, keeping them busy and entertained. It’s also fantastic to add onto new toys that you give them.
  • On Bedding: Spritz it onto your cat’s bedding to make a calm and relaxing environment for them.
  • On Scratching Posts: Cats love to scratch! Adding the spray onto their scratching posts will encourage them to use them and will discourage them from unwanted scratching around the home.
  • Ease Anxiety: If your cat becomes stressed or anxious in certain situations like vet visits, try spraying some catnip to calm and soothe them.
  • During Training: Catnip can be used as a positive enforcement tool during training, such as recall or litter box training.
  • For Bonding: Spritz the kong catnip spray onto your clothing to encourage bonding between you and your cat. It can also help create a positive association for particularly fearful or feral cats.

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