Kong Infused Cat Gyro

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Kong Infused Cat Gyro

Encourage your cat to be more active and playful with the Kong Infused Cat Gyro. Put your cat’s favourite treats in the interactive toy and watch as they bat and chase it around, working to get the treats from inside.

The Gyro is mentally stimulating for your cat. It flips and rolls, encouraging your cat to use its natural stalking and pouncing instincts.

  • Infused with catnip oil to make the gyro your cats favourite toy
  • Use as a slow feeder. It’s an ideal food bowl replacement, especially for fast eaters
  • Great for active cats who need to burn energy or more sedentary cats who need encouragement to move
  • Mentally enriching and durable 
  • Bell inside the outer ring, to make it even more fun for your cat
  • Middle container twists open easily for filling and cleaning

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