Kong Bamboo Slow Feeder Ball

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Dog Bowl Alternative

Slows Fast Eaters

Offers Mental Enrichment

Encourages Movement

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Kong Bamboo Slow Feeder Ball

Adds Fun to Feeding Time

Most of us have a dog who eats way too fast. You put the bowl down, and moments later, the food is gone! The Kong slow feeder solves this issue while also adding mental enrichment into their lives. Unscrew the feeder, fill it with your dog’s kibble or favourite treats and pop it down on the floor. They will have fun pushing the ball around with their nose and paws, while tasty morsels of food fall out. 

  • Slows feeding, reducing gulping, gas, and risk of bloat.
  • Add mental enrichment and fun into feeding times.
  • Made using natural bamboo, to create a quieter slow feeder.
  • Encourages movement in sedentary dogs.

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