Kefir Water for Pets – Boil & Broth

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Kefir Water for Dogs & Cats

Potent Probiotic for Gut Health

250ml Bottle

100% Natural

Free from Lactose, Gluten and Grains


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Kefir Water for Dogs and Cats – Boil & Broth 250ml

Great for Gut Health

Boil and Broth’s Kefir Water for Dogs and Cats is a potent, natural probiotic. It is abundant in live cultures. 98 million lactobacillus strains in just 1ml of kefir water!

When you add good bacteria to your dog’s diet, they multiply in the gut and improve their microbiome, leading to a happy, healthy gut.

  • Rich in good bacteria for a happy gut
  • Improved digestion – well suited to dogs who suffer from upset tummies
  • Boosts the immune system – ideal for after antibiotics or illness
  • Antiinflammatory
  • Lactose-free & gluten-free
  • May improve allergy symptoms

Through the process of fermentation, Boil & Broth add water kefir grains to sugar and filtered water to allow the grains to ferment for 24-hours. During the process of fermentation, bacteria and yeasts are produced, as well as natural gases such as CO2 to create a carbonated drink.

Keeping your pet’s gut health in check can help them stay on a good path of wellness, ensuring they do can benefit from natural probiotics can put them in good stead to fight off viral and bacterial infections.

Ingredients in Kefir Water for Dogs & Cats:

Water, water kefir grains, Demerara sugar (for fermenting), dried fruits.

Nutrition per 100g:

Calories 5kcal, Carbs 1.1g (of which 0.5g sugars), Fat <0.5g, Protein <0.5g

Feeding Guidelines:

Water kefir for pets is a potent probiotic, so is best introduced slowly to their diet. Based on their size, add 50 to 100mls to your pet’s food daily or as needed.

Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate once opened and use within 7 days. 

NOTE: As water kefir is carbonated, please open it carefully and slowly to prevent sprays and spills.

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