KB Raw Chicken & Insect Mix 1kg

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Kinder to the Environment

33% Black Solider Fly Larvae

Low in Fat – Only 10%

Ideal as Part of a DIY Raw Food Diet

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KB Raw Chicken & Insect Mix 1kg

Mixed Protein – 100% Natural 

KB Raw Chicken and Insect mix is made from Beef and Black Soldier Fly Larvae. Along with being a high-quality source of protein, the production of insect protein is far kinder to the environment. Considerably less water is needed, less Co2 is produced, and there are no methane emissions.

  • A More Environmentally Friendly Option
  • Lower in Fat, only 10%.
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No Artificial Additives
  • Grain Free
  • Great Addition to a DIY Raw Food Diet

Ingredients in KB Raw Chicken and Insect:

67% Chicken – 42% Back, 10% Stomach, 10% Heart, 5% Liver. 33% Insect – Black Soldier Fly
29% Meat, 13% Bone, 25% Organ, 33% Black Soldier Fly Larvae.

Analytical Constituents:

Moisture: 69%
Protein: 13%
Fat: 10%
Fibre: 0.71%
Ash: 1.98%
Calcium: 0.52%
Phosphorus: 0.31%
Energy: 142 kcal/100gram

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