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Grain Free Dog Food

Shop the widest range of Grain Free Dog Food in Ireland at Fetch Your Pet Needs. We have options for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes. Particularly well suited to dogs with skin or digestive issues. See all the options below.

What are the benefits of Grain Free Dog Food?

  • Free from unnecessary fillers and bulking ingredients. Examples of these fillers are rice, cereals and other grains. Pet foods frequently use these ingredients to increase weight and reduce costs. Unfortunately, they’re hard to digest and bring little nutritional benefit.
  • Higher meat content and more nutritional value. When you remove the unneeded fillers in dog food, there’s more room for nutritious ingredients, like meat and beneficial prebiotic fibres. All of the Grain Free food we stock contains a minimum of 50% meat content.
  • Improved Skin & Coat health. The higher meat content means that there are more healthy fats and oils. These promote soft, shiny fur, healthy skin and reduced shedding.
  • Better Digestion. Thanks to higher protein and lower carbohydrates, the food is considerably easier to digest, putting less strain on their bodies. It’s also rich in prebiotic fibres, encouraging the growth of healthy gut flora and overall improved digestion.
  • Smaller and less frequent stools. This happens because a majority of the ingredients are used as fuel for your dog’s body, therefore, less waste is created. And who doesn’t want fewer poops to scoop?
  • Less gas. Due to the difficulty of digesting grains, cereals and fillers, dogs tend to suffer from gas and cramping. Thankfully, it means when you eliminate the problematic ingredients, many of the unpleasant symptoms will subside.
  • Reduced symptoms of food allergies. Lots of dogs have intolerances and allergies to grain and cereals. If you find your dog is suffering from allergy symptoms like itchy and irritated skin, give Grain Free dog food a try.

Does your dog suffer from a sensitive stomach or digestive issues? Check out our most popular dry food, Nourish Rite Salmon.

Could your dog do with losing some weight? Try our senior / light food in either Turkey or Trout flavours.

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