Easy Pill for Dogs

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Easy Pill for Dogs

Giving dog’s their tablets can be stressful for both you and them. They seem to have a knack of knowing that they’re getting a tablet, and spitting it out. Whether your dog in on medication short term, or it’s a battle you have to have on a daily basis, the Easy Pill divisible bar is a great solution to this problem. Break a piece off the bar, pop the tablet inside and then roll it into a ball around the tablet to easily conceal the tablet inside of the meaty treat.

  • A tasty and meaty treat to easily disguise tablets.
  • Reduces the stress on your and your dog of having to administer a tablet
  • Easy and convenient
  • One divisible bar can be used for 4 to 8 tablet administrations, depending on the size of the tablet.

How to use the Easy Pill:

  1. It’s recommended to give your dog a piece of the Easy Pill bar a few times with out a tablet inside, to gain their trust and get them used to it.
  2. Break a piece of the Easy pill off of the bar, place the tablet inside of the Easy Pill and roll it up to well conceal the tablet inside.
  3. You may want to start out by giving your dog the Easy Pill with the tablet inside, and then quickly offer them another piece, so they eat the first piece straight away.

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1 Divisible Bar, Box of 20 Divisible Bars


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