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Saving and changing lifes!

Cara Rescue Dogs Food Appeal

At any one time Cara Rescue Dogs can have up to 100 Dogs in care , ranging from very young puppies with very specific needs, adults and senior Dogs. Each and every Dog in care has different nutritional needs and to ensure they receive the nutrition they need Cara ask for your help towards their Food bill.

Your donation could go towards a litter of weaning puppies , a malnourished adult , a young teenage puppy that is growing quickly or a senior dog with joint issues. The staff of Fetch don’t just supply Dog food to the dogs in Cara Rescue Dogs, we also Foster, transport and volunteer our time to admin work with the rescue. We see first hand how difficult it is each day but together we can all make a difference!

A donation as small as €1 can make a difference!

Thank you kindly for your continued support towards Cara Rescue Dogs CHY NO 20415

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