Dog Training Whistle

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Dog Training Whistle

Lightweight – Adjustable Pitch – Great for Recall

This dog training whistle by company of animals is a high frequency whistle. It has been proven to give a clear sound for recall training your dog up to 350 meters away. The pitch of the whistle can be adjusted to suit your dogs hearing needs and preference. 

  • Fantastic for recall training
  • Great for long distances
  • Keyring attachment for convenience
  • Ideal for noise sensitive breeds

How to use the Dog Training Whistle to teach Recall?

You will need the Whistle and a high value reward such as dog treats or a their favourite toy. What is your dog’s favourite thing?

  1. Training your dog to react and come to the whistle is as simple as linking the sound with a reward.
  2. Firstly, condition your dog to the sound of the whistle by blowing the whistle and then immediately give your dog their reward. They don’t need to be sitting or doing anything else.
  3. It’s better to use a specific word for recall, not just your dogs name, so that your dog clearly associates the word with coming back to you.
  4. A whistle can be helpful for consistency, especially if your dog is walked by different people and for the sound to be heard over a long distance.

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