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Dog Grooming Supplies

At Fetch Your Pet Needs, we believe that regularly grooming your pet is an important part of keeping them comfortable, healthy, and happy. Because of this, we’ve made sure to keep our shelves stocked with all kinds of dog grooming supplies, to suit your dog’s individual needs.

Grooming can be a fantastic opportunity to bond with your dog. Not only that, but it’s a great way to get early detection of skin conditions and health issues. Including pesky fleas & tics, ear infections, or lumps and bumps that weren’t there before.

We have brushes to suit all coat types and lengths – to give your dog a healthy, shiny, matt-free coat that sheds a lot less. Shampoos and sprays to make them smell delicious and fight parasites. Balms to soothe sore or irritated skin. And much more.

See our range of grooming products below.

Grooming Accessories

Holistic Hound Snout and Paw Balm

(43) 7.50

Dog Dental Care


(20) 18.0026.50

Grooming Accessories

Natural Dog Company Skin Soother

(14) 7.9534.95

Digestive Support for Dogs

Granulated Charcoal 150g

(1) 8.50
(5) 15.50

Dog Grooming Supplies

Ancol Ergo Nail Clippers

(8) 12.95
(3) 12.95
(10) 11.95
(7) 12.95
(4) 12.9516.95
(2) 24.0037.50

Dog Grooming Supplies

Tropiclean Baby Powder Pet Spray

(4) 13.95

Dog Grooming Supplies

Botanica Cleansing Wash

(5) 12.50
(3) 9.95

Dog Grooming Supplies

Tick Remover Tool

(4) 4.50
(4) 19.9522.95

Grooming Accessories

LickiMat Splash

(2) 12.95
(2) 14.50
(1) 11.95
(1) 16.9519.95

Dog Grooming Supplies

Ancol Dog Grooming Glove

(1) 9.95

Dog Grooming Supplies

Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover

(1) 14.50

Grooming Accessories

Rukka Micro Bathrobe

(3) 23.9032.90

Dog Grooming Supplies

Tropiclean Ear Cleaner

(2) 14.95

Dog Dental Care

Tropiclean Oral Care Kit

(2) 21.95
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