Dirty Dog Shammy – Microfiber Towel

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Dirty Dog Shammy – Microfiber Towel

We all love a nice clean dog, but there’s nothing worse than when they get out of the bath and shake water all over the house, or start drying themselves on the carpet or furniture. Well, The Dirty Dog Shammy is an ultra-absorbent microfibre towel that will be your new best friend when you bathe your dog!

The Dirty Dog Shammy is perfect for baths, after visits to the beach, rainy weather, or just about anywhere that you need to dry a wet dog.

  • Dries your pooch 8 X faster than a traditional cotton towel – even faster than using a hairdryer, without the scary noise and unpleasant heat!
  • Made from a super absorbent material that soaks up to 8 X it’s weight in water. Features 50% more Advanced Microfiber Technology strands per inch than the competition.
  • Soft! Plush and velvety soft, you can see and feel the difference.
  • Easy! The dual hand pockets with elastic allow for a better grip while drying.
  • Machine washable!
  • Even works on cats!

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