DARF Raw Chicken and Goat 1kg

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DARF Raw Chicken and Goat 1kg

DARF Raw Beef & Chicken contains 50% Beef and 50% chicken, including muscle meat, organs and ground bone. An affordable mix of high-quality raw ingredients for your dog.

  • Goat is very high in protein while also being a very lean meat. It’s rich in iron, selenium, and copper among other essential nutrients. Goat also has a strong flavour that dogs enjoy. 
  • Chicken is the most easily digested source of protein. It’s high in protein and low in fat. It’s a source of natural glucosamine and is rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, helping to promote skin and coat health.


– 50% Goat: Meat, bone, heart, tripe, liver, lung.
– 50% Chicken: Meat, bone, liver, stomach, heart.

70% Muscle Meat, 20% Bone, 10% Organ

Nutritional Analysis:

Moisture: 62%
Crude protein 18.8%
Crude fat 13.6%
Fibre 3.6%
Crude ash 3.9%
Calcium: 0.91%
Phosphorus: 0.46%

Energy: 189 kcal / 100gr.

How much raw dog food does my dog need?

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