DARF Raw Duck Cat Food

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1.425kg of 95g portions

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DARF Raw Food for Cats

DARF Raw Duck Cat Food 1.425kg

DARF Raw Cat Food Duck is a complete and highly nutritious food for cats. Containing 50% Fresh Raw Duck, complimented with raw Lamb, Beef and Goat. The mix of different proteins encourages fussy cats to eat and promotes nutritional balance in your cats diet.

This food comes in a box of 1.425 kgs, divided up into 95 gram portions for your convenience.

Benefits of Raw Food for Cats:

  • Cat’s are carnivores, which means raw is the most biologically appropriate way to feed your cat.
  • It’s great for your cat’s digestion and produces smaller stools with less odour.
  • Raw promotes a shiner and healthier skin and coat, while reducing excess shedding.
  • There’s less chance of urinary issues due to the high moisture content.
  • Appropriate levels of phosphorus and calcium
  • Helps your cat to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Raw cat food is highly palatable for fussy cats.


– 50% Duck: bone, meat heart
– 25% Lamb: bone, meat, heart, liver
– 15% Beef: heart, meat
– 10% Goat: meat

Including 70% Meat, 20% Bone and 10% Organ

Nutritional Analysis:

Moisture: 65.1%
Protein: 14.8%
Fat: 12.3%
Fiber: 3.5%
Ash: 4.3%
Calcium: 0.50%
Phosphorus 0.41%
Energy: 169.9 kcal / 100 gram

Feeding Guidelines for Raw Cat Food:

Feed your cat approximately 2-3% of their body weight, per day. The exact amount will depend on your cat’s activity, sex and breed.
  • For adult cats, feed approximately 30 to 40 grams per 1kg of body weight, per day.
  • Pregnant and lactating females, feed approximately 60 to 80 grams per kg of body weight, per day.
  • For kittens, feed approximately 80 to 100 grams per 1kg of body weight, per day. Always feed kittens several small meals through out the day.
Weight 1.45 kg

3 reviews for DARF Raw Duck Cat Food

  1. Lisa O’Neill (verified owner)

    Great food (we buy for ferrets)

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  2. Andrea M. (verified owner)

    easy to defrost although I’ prefer bigger portions.

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  3. Lisa O’Neill (verified owner)

    Super product, ideal for any raw-fed smallies

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