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Cold Pressed Dog Food

Cold Pressed Dog Food is a shelf-stable dog food with huge nutrient benefits, similar to that of a raw dog food diet, without the need for freezer space.

It differs from traditional dry dog food because of how the ingredients are processed. The ingredients in conventional dog food are extruded at high temperatures (up to 200 degrees). As a consequence, many nutrients are damaged or destroyed and don’t make it to your dog’s bowl.

In contrast, when food is Cold Pressed, the raw ingredients are processed gently and at much lower temperatures (around 80 degrees). As a result, the food retains more essential nutrients to support your dog’s health.

Another plus is that it doesn’t expand in the dog’s stomach in the way that dry extruded food does. It simply dissolves when it enters the stomach. Because of this, cold pressed food is much less likely to cause bloat.

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DARF Cold Pressed Dog Food

DARF Cold Regular Pressed Dog Food

(15) 13.9574.95
(11) 16.9574.95
(14) 16.9574.95
(5) 16.9574.95

DARF Cold Pressed Dog Food

DARF Cold Pressed Puppy Food

(6) 16.9574.95
(1) 18.9577.95
(4) 16.9574.95

DARF Cold Pressed Dog Food

DARF Insect Cold Pressed Dog Food

(3) 17.9576.95
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