Ancol Outside Training Line

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For Recall Training

Extends to 15 Meters (50ft)

Holds Dogs of upto 50 Kilgrams

Strong and Durable Nylon


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Ancol Outside Training Line 15 meters

Dog Recall Training Lead

Using a dog recall training lead can be a huge help when it comes to recall training your dog. The lead offers you control and your dog more freedom while ensuring they can’t run away or get into danger.

  • Durable, strong and weather-proof nylon
  • Allows safe recall training in open spaces
  • Keeps you in control while training
  • Gives dogs with poor recall more freedom

How to use the Dog Recall Training Lead:

Attach the recall lead to the D-Ring on your dog’s collar or harness. Allow your dog to wander about 2 meters and recall them. Reward your dog with treats, toys or praise every time they come back to you. Each time, gradually extend the range you allow them to go before you recall them. If your dog does not come back, gently pull on the lead until your dog is back at your side. If your dog has not come back to you after three attemps, try again at another time or in different surroundings.


  • 15 Meters / 50 Foot in length
  • Maximum weight 50kg

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