Bring Your Dog to Work June 21st – June 25th

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Bringing your dog to work has been proving more and more popular over the last few years, and it’s no wonder when it’s been seen to increase the happiness of employees. Who doesn’t want a puppy cuddle in the middle of a working day? So let’s all join together for the national event Bring Your Dog to Work June 21st – June 25th.

The pandemic has delayed you being able to bring your dog into the office, but if you are still working from home there is nothing stopping you from enjoying some zoom meetings with them on your laptop is there? We guarantee it will lower the stress levels and bring some fun to everyone’s day!

Let’s get ready for bringing your dog to work.

Many of us are returning to the office on a phased basis and if you are lucky enough to be doing that, then you should bring your dog with you. Not only will it increase your happiness throughout the day, but it will also help with the transition to minimize separation anxiety for your dog. Our pooches have suffered social isolation the last year too.

So what do you need for bringing your dog to work?


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A collar, harness and lead.

These are crucial. We don’t want the little mites getting loose and running havoc now do we?
Here at Fetch we love the Dog Fatherz range and we have a special promotion for you on the designer collection.

The Dogfatherz set includes a matching collar, lead, harness and poo bag holder so you’re ready for those toilet breaks!
Stylish yet comfortable and secure are the best options when it comes to choosing a harness for your dog.

Degradable Poo Bags. 

You never want to get caught short when it comes to their toilet breaks, so make sure you have Beco’s high-quality poo bags to hand that are eco friendly.

Travelling to work by car with your pooch?

Make sure they are safe. Not only is it illegal to have them freely wandering around the car as you drive, but it is also very unsafe for both you and them. Try the Rukka car seat belt extension below to keep your dog safe in the back seat.

Your car is no longer your own when you own a dog. Those pesky hairs get everywhere. The Kurgo Car Seat Cover is a durable seat protector that is also practical. Pop your doggy’s extra bits into the bag and loop it over the seat. Handy!

Packing your pooch’s lunch.

It is important that you control what your dog eats through the working day, they need their energy too. Always ensure to tell your work colleagues not to feed your dog anything other than what they are meant to have. We recommend bringing their lunch in their own kibble bag for dry food or container for raw food. Last but certainly not least, their treat bag should be full of their favorite treats that agrees with their little tummy. This way you can show your work colleagues what they can and cannot have.

Kibble Feeders. 

The Kurgo Kibble Carrier is constructed from tough ripstop material, so your dog can rest easy knowing her kibble is safe and all is right with the world. Engineered like a waterproof river bag, the top rolls and clips, ensuring security and freshness. 

Raw Feeders. 

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you feed your dog raw, you can still feed them their fresh food when bringing them to work, it is just about having the right containers. We love these Eco-friendly options from Kitchen Craft.

It might be a good idea to pop your dogs name on their dish, we don’t want a mix up with lunches when it comes to fresh meat. If your work colleagues are not in favor of your dogs dinner being stored in the communal fridge then we recommend keeping it in a cooler bag.

Treat Time. 

They deserve a midday snack too, and by bringing your dogs treats to work you can ensure they only get what suits their little tummies. We have some specials promotions across our best selling treat range so their goodie bag can be filled for the day!

Special Offers on Special Treats.

Dog Friendly Cafes.

If you work in Dublin then you are lucky enough to be able to visit some amazing dog friendly cafes. We think it would be the perfect lunch break for you and your pooch to grab a puppacino and pupcake!

Network Café, Aungier Street

Are you worried that your Pooch might be nervous about starting their new job?

If your dog has never been to work with you before, or if they have not been well socialised during the pandemic, then they might need some extra calming aids to help ease them into the working day.

We recommend starting your Puppy or Adult dog on Holistic Hound Calm Canine two weeks prior to the event.

Holistic Hound Calm Canine is a dietary support that will help settle your dog down, or help the nervous system recover after exposure to stress. It will help reduce agitation, anger, restlessness and aggression. The formula will not cause drowsiness but will bring them some peace and quiet from inner turmoil.

Calm Canine is 100% natural. It is a blend of cold pressed flax seed oil and herbs chosen to give maximum support to any stressed or anxious dogs, both physically and emotionally. The inclusion of flaxseed oil provides a rich source of Omega 3 and 6 to help support strong and healthy digestion and metabolism.

I cannot bring my dog to work with me and I’m nervous that they will suffer from separation anxiety.

I think everyone that owns a dog has worried about this at some stage and especially more so now that we have been at home with them for over a year. There is a lot that you can do to reduce their anxiety and break the boredom of the day. We recommend supplementing them with Holistic Hound Calm Canine (above) and also ensuring they have plenty of toys to entertain them. We have a section specifically for Canine Enrichment.

There are also some great options available to have a pet sitter pop in through the day to check on your dog and bring them for a walk, we recommend checking out

National Dog Party Day on the 21st of June. 

To celebrate National Dog Party Day we have some exciting deals across our treats range, including the Barkin Bakery Pupcakes and our best selling Natural Treat Boxes.


Bringing your dog to work can seem stressful, what if they don’t behave? What if I am distracted by them all day? Well what if they absolutely love it, what if they completely surprise you and end up being the best office dog?

It’s always worth trying it out, if it works, great. If not, well at least you gave them the chance to become famous in your workplace!

Tag us on social media, we would love to see your doggy enjoying their working day and celebrating National Dog Party Day @fetchyourpetneeds


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