Do you eat the same food every single day? No! Then why should we expect our pets too.

Now before we get into all the fine details, lets get one thing straight. If your dog suffers from allergies, maybe they can have a fish only diet, then this blog may not be of the most interest to you as others but keep reading because we have ideas for you too.

We are what we eat …. so our pets deserve the best, because well for most of us, they are, our best friends!

So if we were to eat the exact same type of protein, carbohydrate etc everyday, well we would be quiet bored of it but also our bodies would be lacking in varying nutrients. Our dogs are the exact same, they need change. Not necessarily every single day change, but they need and deserve change from time to time and we are going to give you some tips in this blog today about how you can change it around.

Grain Free Dog Food

The launch of Grain Free Dog food was one of the best things to happen in the pet industry, dogs are carnivores and they thrive on a high meat/fish content food. Fortunately for pet owners there are fantastic foods available these days for pets. We always recommend avoiding high carbohydrate foods such as cereals; maize, rice, wheat etc. These are what we call ‘sluggish’ carbohydrates. They are difficult to digest, cause bloat, infrequent energy levels and they are generally more likely to cause an allergic reaction for your dogs skin or digestive system.

So many of our customers choose Nourish Rite Grain Free because it uses a minimum of 50% meat or fish, easily digested carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes and other beneficial foods such as carrots, asparagus, peas etc.

But… We want to discuss the ‘fear’ pet owners have about changing the protein source of their food every month, or every other month. It is of course well known now that many dogs have allergies to chicken, beef, sometimes even duck and turkey. So if your dog has to stick to a specific protein, that is fine. We have some tips further down the blog for your dog.

However if your dog is fortunate enough to never have had a reaction such as skin itching, diarrhea or stomach acid reflux from varying proteins, why are you still buying the exact same food every time?

Change it up a little, they will love you for it!

Nourish Rite comes in so many different options:
Grain Free Salmon
Grain Free Chicken
Grain Free Lamb
Grain Free Tuna
Grain Free Duck
Grain Free Venison
Grain Free Pork
Grain Free Large Breed Turkey
Grain Free Small Breed Chicken
Grain Free Small Breed Salmon
Grain Free Small Breed Lamb

Wet Food? Why is it still made out to be the devil of dog food?

Ok so people think of wet dog food and they think of those Supermarket tins that are swimming in stinky, salty gravy and chunks of meat that well you wouldn’t expect a rodent to even eat.

There was time that, that was all there was available in wet food but thankfully the pet food industry has improved 1000% when it comes to wet foods or as we like to call them at Fetch, moist dog foods!

Some of the brands we love that produce really really high quality moist pet foods are:

You can view the full range of moist foods here

What do we recommend with moist pet foods? When to feed them?

Well if you wanted to , you could add a good quality wet food to your dogs dinner everyday, every other day or even just once a week. It is good to note that, naturally your dog is going to love their dinners a lot more on the days they do get wet food. So always take it into consideration when starting to feed it, if you give it very often it could result in them refusing their dry dinners on other days…. food for thought! Everyone is different so just do it the way you would like it to be long term.

If you keep it to a minimum your dog won’t become dependent on it but they will thank you for it , for both the taste and nutrient benefits.

What is in your fridge?

Another thing we hate at Fetch…. pet owners being told for years and years that dogs cannot eat our food! All those pet shops, groomers, vets etc that have told you this for the last 15+ years just wanted you coming back for the food they sell, all the time!

So why do we recommend feeding your dog food from your fridge? Do we not want you coming back for more and more dog food? We do, we love our customers but your dogs health is the most important thing to us! Their health and their enjoyment of food is key to Fetch.

Like everything in life, balance is key. So your dog does need their dry, wet or raw food everyday to keep a balanced nutriional diet but fresh food from your dinners too will do no harm, unless they have an allergy but that is up to each individual pet parent to monitor that and understand what does and does not suit their pet.

So what can they have?

  • Roast or boiled chicken , no bones and remove the skin for those that tend to gain or carry weight.
  • Roast beef – same as above
  • Sweet Potatoes, White potatoes
  • Broccoli and Carrots – these have been proven to be fantastic at preventing cancer cells
  • Asparagus, pumpkin, kale
  • Blueberries, strawberries, banana, apples

All of the above should be given in moderation, small amounts daily or every other day is good for them.

Dogs on limited diets

So your dog has suffered from allergies before, maybe they had a skin irritation or gastro-intestinal issue. Naturally you are nervous to trial anything else, what if it causes them a flare etc etc. We completely understand but fortunately for you , we have helped 100s of dogs recover from allergies and kept their diet varied but within the limits that they need.

If you Dog is on our Nourish Rite Grain Free Salmon… our best seller!

We also stock many other products they can have, such as Naturo Salmon moist food, Salmon mince, Fish 4 Dogs Treats, also the new range we are stocking, FishDish. There really is so many options available to be able to vary their food and treats.

As there is a lot to cover when it comes to allergies, we could not possibly cover it all here as every dog has individual needs. So drop us an email, pop us a PM on Facebook, a DM on Instagram or go old school and pick up the phone to speak to our nutritionist on 0857476311.