Three products that have transformed my Foster puppies lives in recent months

So as many of our followers know, I foster puppies with Cara Rescue Dogs and I have done now for over 4 years. Over these years I have had puppies from newborn to a few weeks old to a few months old. The cruelty and neglect in Ireland means there is always another litter waiting for our help.

In the first few years, before Fetch was born I used some of the ‘main stream’ puppy foods. The truth is I am embarrassed by my ignorance and the lack of research I done back then. At the time I was working in a ‘main stream’ pet shop that did not educate the staff on the importance of nutrition for pets. The only education we received was by the Sales Reps of each brand, that of course only had their best interest at heart. Selling their own food! Anyway over the years I was becoming more and more aware of the state of play in the pet food industry and I began researching numerous foods, supplements etc etc. My eyes were opened big time! Lets just say I learnt that the pet food industry is quiet corrupt.

Roll on a few years and the changes I have seen in my foster puppies is incredible. The use of a high quality, nutrient rich food alongside natural supplements is hugely beneficial not just for growing puppies but adults too.

Firstly Food

So the main food used for foster dogs in Cara Rescue is Nourish Rite Grain Free. Nourish Rite uses a minimum of 50% meat or fish of which 26% is freshly prepared. There is absolutely no meat meal used. Dogs are naturally carnivores so choosing to feed them foods packed with cereals such as wheat, rice, barley etc is not advised! (Go have a look at the composition of your Dogs food). Any food with the first listing as cereals or meat meal/animal by products or hydrolysed protein….. avoid!

My foster puppies have been fed on Nourish Rite Grain Free Puppy Salmon with Haddock and Blue Whiting alongside Sweet Potato for over a year now. Each and every litter has thrived within the first two weeks of being in my care. I am honestly still astounded at how quickly their overall health improves. Remember a lot of our puppies come from horrendous conditions, malnourished, worm burdens, mange etc.

Nourish Rite Grain Free Puppy Salmon

Secondly Supplements

So the next thing I always ensure my puppies get is good quality supplements. Their immune systems are generally very compromised due to the condition they have lived in before they are fortunate enough to enter Cara’s care.

The last thing we do is go vaccinating our puppies straight away. We get them home and get their immune systems responding better, ensure their digestive tracts are performing correctly and they are receiving the nutrients they need from their food.

An absolute must for our puppies is Stoolrite! It is hands down one of the best supplement out there.

“StoolRite contains a unique combination of soluble and insoluble dietary fibres that will help stool quality in dogs. It can be used as both a stool former and stool softener, depending on the need. In this way, it can help with anal gland issues in dogs. Furthermore, natural complex carbohydrates and dietary saccharides in StoolRite may act as a natural prebiotic to restore microbiota balance and boosting gut health in dogs.” Source:

Stoolrite Supplement

And the other supplement we use to boost their immune system in preparation for vaccine time is Kefir! Just a little drizzle on their nuts throughout the day and again the difference it has made is astonishing! You can purchase Kefir Grains through this link

The combination of these three products has ensured our foster puppies get the best start in life that they need, we no longer witness soft stools, suppressed immune systems or as many viral infections (obviously this cannot be 100% avoided but the percentage of puppies needing veterinary treatment has decreased) .

Overall we have seen a huge improvement in the general health condition of all our fosters and our Vet is always complimenting on their condition too. Hence why he started stocking Nourish Rite a few years ago!

Just remember folks our pets are just like us, using supplements alongside a high quality pet food is always going to be beneficial!