Standard Puppy food or Large Breed Puppy food which is the right one for your furbaby?

Are you wondering whether your Puppy should be on standard kibble or large breed kibble?

It’s not just based on what size kibble they would like or prefer. It is very important which one you choose as each kibble promotes different nutritional benefits for the growth rates your Puppy is growing at. 
Nourish Rite is available in three different types of Puppy food:

  • Grain Free Puppy Chicken with Sweet Potato, Carrots and Peas
  • Grain Free Puppy Salmon with Haddock, Blue Whiting and Sweet Potato
  • Grain Free Large Breed Puppy Salmon and Sweet Potato

So what puppy needs standard kibble or large breed kibble. A puppy with an expected adult weight in excess of 25kg is considered needing a large breed puppy food. Under 25kg and you can choose either of the standard size puppy kibble. Well you can choose either if your puppy is fortunate enough not to suffer from intolerances to poultry based foods. 
The Nourish Rite Grain Free Puppy Chicken contains 20% Chicken, 20% Turkey and 20% salmon. A fantastic blend of various proteins, however if you find your puppy has loose stools, indigestion/bloat after meals or a lot of flatulence then you need revise the proteins that agree with them. 
That is where Nourish Rite Grain Free Puppy Salmon comes in , a single protein, easily digestible kibble that is fantastic for those with sensitivities towards poultry. 

So what is the difference between standard and large breed puppy kibble? 
Nourish Rite Grain Free Puppy Large breed has been formulated with lower crude protein and crude fat. , this reduced energy density helps to optimise the rate of growth. The recipe has also been formulated with a balanced level of calcium and phosphorus, as diets with excess levels can lead to excess absorption and development of skeletal malformations.

We also recommend feeding your puppy 3 to 4 times a day in the first few months to avoid gastro upset, obesity and over hunger/fast feeding. 

The first year too two years in a puppies life is crucial. What you do now, sets them up for life. Many people ask can they move their puppy to adult food at 6 months. Absolutely NOT! Small breed puppies are still growing up to 10 – 12 months and large to giant breeds are growing right up to 18 – 24 months. What you do now can avoid many issues for them later in life. 

If you have just acquired a new puppy and feel overwhelmed with the amount of information out there, not sure what is the best thing to do for your new family member. Just drop us an email at , pop over to our social media pages or call in store.