Keep Your Pets Safe Temperatures Dropping -5


Keep Your Pets Safe Temperatures to drop to -5

We are to see a sharp drop in temperatures this weekend in Ireland. Keep Your Pets Safe through this cold spell. Please bring your Pets in folks, make sure they have extra bedding and avoid lengthy walks on frosty ground.

Met Eireann are reporting that temperatures are to drop between -2 and -5 tonight with severed frost across the Country.

Keep Your Pets Safe During Walks

We advise waiting for the sharp frost to clear in the morning before bringing your Dog for a walk on Sunday. Some dogs are lucky to have a very thick coat to keep them warm through our tough Winter months but then there is some breeds with a very thin coat. It is recommended to use Winter Coats for those breeds that cannot keep their body temperature as high as others.

To avoid the risk of Frostbite on their Paws and Tail make sure to wait until a little later in the day before going for a walk.

Dry Skin

If you find your Pets skin is dry through the Winter months, Coconut Oil is a great natural moisturizer. You can either add Natural Coconut Oil to your dogs feed or if you find a specific area of the skin is very affected you can apply Holistic Hound Snout and Paw Balm which will relieve the skin of cracks and dryness.



Please keep your Pets in during Winter folks, especially through the cold spell. Place a bed in a room that is nicely heated but do not place the bed directly in front of the fire. Ensure to give your Pet the choice to sleep in their bed away from the fire too.

Stay Warm and Safe This Weekend Folks