The Benefits of Grain Free Dog Food

The Benefits of Grain Free Dog Food

Do you know what is inside your bag of dog food?
When choosing what food will best suit your dog and ensure they will thrive through their life, it can be very confusing and difficult.
We hope this blog will help simplify the process for you with many years of experience in pet nutrition we love to share our knowledge with you. Below we discuss the benefits of Grain Free Dog Food .

Ok so you might be thinking why is there a picture of crowd of people attached to a blog about dog food?

Well when you first walk into a big Pet Shop you are generally met with a 60 footwall filled with various different brands, various different promises on the front of the bag.

This is when you will be overwhelmed and even more confused than ever, the picture of crowded people I find is a good example of this.

Pet Nutrition is quite simple really but unfortunately it has become complex by many different food manufacturing companies with various different claims on what our pets need.

What to look for….

The key thing when choosing a dog food is to not concentrate on the front packaging, the shiny bags or the best looking bags. Some things can look great on the outside, never forget that years of consumer research is put into the marketing of a brand.

But as a customer to ensure you are receiving exactly what it says on the bag, you need to turn it over and fully understand the composition of the food.

At the end of the day the only one thing that cannot lie to you is the ingredients in the food.

Look out for Natural

Dogs may be domesticated for over 32000 years now but we have to remember their bodies are still developed in the same way, we have to accept that their digestive systems are not similar to our own.

When researching a food, looking through the composition we only recommend choosing a food that uses high quality meats, no derivatives and certainly no bulking ingredients such as cereals, rice or any sort of grains. A Grain Free Dog Food is first to look for.

Our pets will not benefit from cereal based foods and they will cause difficulty in the digestive system. Rather than using cheaply sourced carbohydrates such as rice, a good quality food will use Sweet Potato. This is a much easier carbohydrate for our pets to process and receive nutritional value from. When you look through the Nourish Rite Grain Free range you will see each type bag is produced with easily digested Sweet Potato.

The quantity and quality of meats or fish used in our dog food is crucial. Many brands will use extremely poor quality meats and animal derivatives that can seriously harm our pets. The use of low quality meats have been band in the US  but unfortunately we do not have the same legislation in Europe yet, so as pet owners we need to ensure we do the research for our furfamily.

When a brand uses poor quality meats it can causes various health issues for our dogs, such as:

Chronic skin issues
Gastrointestinal issues
Early liver failure
Bladder Stones
Heart Disease
Frequent Ear Infections
Excessive Flatulence

Some of these issues may be prominent in the first few weeks of using a food and we can generally treat the issue and maintain it for the future through the use of Natural ingredients but unfortunately when it comes to Heart disease, liver failure and so on it some times may not be diagnosed until it is too late.

Fresh Meats and Fish
When freshly prepared meats or fish are used in the production of our pet food it reduces many of these health issues, their bodies can easily process and digest the ingredients. Nourish Rite Grain Free uses freshly prepared meats and fish that are of human grade quality.

Benefits of Grain Free Dog Food :
Reduced chances of food allergies
Steady energy levels
Fewer and smaller stools
Healthier Skin and Coat
Reduced Flatulence
Better Oral Health
Body Condition, reduced weight gain and bloat

The key point to take away from this blog folks and the key thing we tell all our customers is to ensure you check the composition of your dogs food.
It can’t lie

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