Tips to help your Pet through the long cold months


As the Winter months set in, the evening’s are getting darker quicker. There is a chill in the air. Everything seems somewhat dull, doesn’t it? Below there is some tips to help your pet through the cold months.

I don’t know about you but for me the part I hate the most is worrying about my furbabies. Are they bored? Do they feel a little fed up with the weather? When I finally get home from work, they are so excited too see me then the excitement of getting outdoors to discover the smells in the garden, see what has been going on. Then bang as soon as the door opens it is lashing rain, windy and just miserable. Typical Ireland!

Stocking up on their favourite toys,treats (that will last) and comfy bedding that is practical for the weather. In this post we will go through the different products that can help you and your furbaby through the Winter months.

This year K9 Connectables launched in Ireland and they have taken the dog toy world by storm. Having used them myself for a long time now I absolutely love them and with my many Cara Rescue Dog fosters and lots of different ages and sizes they have never not worked. There is 3 different toys, The Tech Bone,The Dentist and The Original that all connect to each other in various different ways and can be stuffed with all their favourite treats, pastes and food. The durability of these toys are fantastic!

The old reliable Kong is always to hand in our house too. I love to experiment and change things around everyday using different recipes,cottage cheese, natural yoghurt, minces, fresh fish! What you can do with Kong toys is endless!

For the chewers, there is many options out there now that are 100% Natural and last week’s too months!
It is a natural instinct for a puppy or dog to chew and when they chew they are at their happiest!

Antler dog chews are 100% Natural and great for those powerful chewers! I pop mine into stock over night too allow the juices to soak into the pours too make it extra tasty for my doggies.

Himalayan Chews are suitable for younger Puppies and the Golden Oldies as they are a bit softer yet still last! 100% Natural Yakers are suitable for the sensitive tummies.

Another key thing for the Winter months is to keep our furbabies extra warm and extra comfy. The cold weather reaks havoc on our pets joints, the rain makes it harder to keep everything clean and fresh. The best bed I have found this year is the Dinghy Memory Foam bed, hands down it has been a life saver for my German Shepherd girl that has severe hip displaysia. The memory foam packed bed supports pets joints, keeping them warm and away from hard surfaces. The waterproof cover keeps the inner bed dry and clean. To make things even easier there is a heavy duty zip that allows you to remove the full cover that is machine washable. This bed just make a such a difference overall for your pet and you!

I hope these few little tips help you and your furbaby through the Winter months! Feel free to share the post and help new and long term Mammys and Daddys make the cold boring months more fun for their babies 🙂